Sentieri e fondovalle

The trails in the valley bottom

Tròi di Davosàs

Tròi di Sàch

Tavièle di Dàrte

Tròi da Sòt de Mont

Tròi di Salànc

Tròi da Minedòte

Tròi da Cjaràrie

Tròi dai Alzers

Tròi das Tèrmes

Tròi dai Plans di Ràdine

Tròi di Chiusini

Tròi di Gjatòns

Tròi di Ragadin

Tròi di Neàries

Tròi di Zùi

Tròi di Randis

One since, from the documents analyzed, there is the risk of imprecision due to news that is too often fragmented and transformed over the centuries; the other because modern life has meant that not only the names, but even the traces of some streets used for connecting reasons, were forgotten and abandoned.

Now we feel the need to rediscover this centuries-old heritage that our ancestors wished and knew so well to create.

Sixteen paths, driveways, well-marked mule tracks with adequate signposting, for about 40 km of paths, immersed in the greenery of the valley bottom with an altitude between 400 and 660 m. the power of nature or the serenity enjoyed by the people who used to stay there, or stories and legends related to popular imagination or the hard work of the past …

Starting from the hamlet of Cedàrchis up to the border with the Municipalities of Sutrio and Paluzza, there are, in the same original Carnic names, many answers on the flora and fauna present: for example roulùz (durmast); tistignèit (chestnut); la tacarie (badger); gjatòns (wild cats or thorny plants); neàr (wot), ecc.ecc.

We would like to mention that Giosuè Carducci described these places as a “compendium of nature … a paradise of botany … balance of spirit and body”; he also said “here you can walk because it is a pleasure”; and then “scary ravines and hideously beautiful green cliffs”. In summary we can say that any person, at any level, will be able to find space here for more than stimulating experiences.

A teacher called mountain!